MINDBIO Therapeutics

pioneering research into the clinical use of psychedelic medicines

MindBio Therapeutics is a held clinical-stage drug development company that is pioneering psychedelic microdosing research and is advancing emerging therapies to treat a range of debilitating health conditions such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, cognitive impairment and PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder).

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In a world's first clinical trial of its kind, MindBio Therapeutics has started phase 1 clinical trials at the University of Auckland in New Zealand in a safety study of 80 participants microdosing LSD to patients. The study has received regulatory approval and government funding for the importing of LSD, laboratory work using the drug and approvals for participants to be prescribed the drug; and then patients take the drug at home as they would any other medication. Approvals have also been received for phase 2 clinical trials involving microdosing LSD in late-stage cancer patients experiencing end-of-life distress.


Mask Group 60

MindBio Therapeutics is also pioneering the development of microdose formulations and a range of technology and artificial intelligence applications to ensure the safe dosage, use and administration of psychedelic medicines in the community. Early indications show that LSD is tolerated well in microdoses and has a lower side effect profile than the currently prescribed antidepressant drugs.